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Our Evaluations & Process

The evaluation process consists of three separate parts.

The first step is a one-hour intake session. This gives your clinician a chance to get to know you and your history. If the evaluation is for a child, typically just the parents attend this session. The information gathered in this session will inform the individualized testing battery that will be administered during the second session.


The second session is the actual testing session in our office in Newton, MA. This session is typically 3-4 hours for an adult and 5-6 hours for a child. Your clinician will administer all required tests during this time period. After this session, if applicable, your clinician will reach out to all involved collateral, such as teachers and outpatient providers. This gives us the most robust picture of you or your child.

After the clinician has created a comprehensive report, you will be contacted to schedule the final session, the feedback session. This is where the results of the testing are presented and discussed, including diagnosis (if applicable) and recommendations.

We are currently in network for all Blue Cross Blue Shield. Drs. Malik and Kellison are also in network for Medicare. If you have another insurance with out of network benefits, you may get reimbursed for part of the evaluation. 


Our Neuropsychological or Psychological Evaluations

Neuropsychological or psychological evaluation can be helpful in determining a child's, adolescent's, or adult's unique cognitive and emotional profile.
This can help support their emotional and academic growth.
When warranted, an evaluation may lead to a diagnosis that can determine appropriate treatment and academic planning.

Our clinicians specialize in:


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