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Clinician Spotlight: Dr. Kayvon Akbarian

In our ongoing series 'Clinician Spotlight', we learn more about all the amazing clinicians here at Newton Neuropsychology Group. In this installment, we sit with Dr. Kayvon Akbarian to learn more about him!

What do you hope clients will gain from working with you?

Clarity and perspective. Those are the two words that come to mind. But each client is unique, not every client has a cookie cutter story, and I would hope for each of them to go away with a better understanding of their own unique needs. Based on what they tell me, I generally have a ballpark idea of what to look at, but I want to get to know them first, develop that trust and understanding so that we can see what I can truly focus on. I let the client guide me, and I meet them where they’re at.

What drew you to this field?

It’s long winded for sure! I was in law school for a while, working with immigration. I worked with a lot of clients looking for political asylum, and within that I saw a lot of mental illness in those clients. Whether that be anxiety or depression, I really wanted to help them. But working in law was very third person, I couldn’t do very much. Within the firm I was with, I was guaranteed a position with my graduation but I wanted to work more with the mental health side of things. My mentor really helped me take that leap towards something I'd be happier with! Going to law school really highlighted how I want to help people mentally, and in a way, without attending law school, I wouldn’t have been able to see that.

What parts of your work do you enjoy the most?

Just being present with the client or clients, hearing their stories, being a support or guide, helping them reach their own answers. I also enjoyed supervising at my old placement. Teaching and overseeing more people in the field. Just being able to answer all of their questions about therapy, how to write therapy notes. When a client gave me permission, I would let the undergrad I was supervising shadow me. I really enjoyed being able to show him how I would go about caring for a patient but at the end of the day saying that there are still a lot more ways other people would do it. But being able to share my techniques with him was great

What are you most proud of about yourself and what you have accomplished?

Finding a profession where I can really focus on helping others. And having received positive feedback from former and current clients. And being able to work and navigate through various settings in the mental health field.

Outside of work, what brings you joy?

Reading, exercise, I’m an avid sports fan (pats, bruins, Celtics, Yankees), and breathing life into old cars.

Some quotes that mean a lot to Dr. Akbarian:

"The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination." - Carl Rogers

"I think sometimes in life the biggest challenges end up being the best things that happen in your life." - Tom Brady


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