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Autism Testing/Evaluations

The word "autism" can feel scary and overwhelming. At Newton Neuropsychology Group we understand that and recognize the importance of early diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorder. We are here to help, from the initial referral to connecting you with local experts at treating autism spectrum disorder. 

Autism is a combination of symptoms, including difficulty with nuances of social functioning, rigidity, hyper-focused interests, and sensory sensitivities. Children and adults with autism may have difficulty interacting with peers in an expected and functional manner. People with autism may have a strong reaction to a small upset. 


Accurate diagnosis through a formal autism evaluation is essential because insurance companies will only reimburse for certain types of treatment with an autism diagnosis. Additionally, there are certain accommodations that are helpful to support children at school and adults in the workplace that are more likely to be honored with an autism diagnosis. 

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