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What to expect

First Session

The first session is an intake session where all relevant history will be gathered. This typically takes about an hour. The information collected will help your clinician determine what tests should be administered. This session is also a chance to ask any questions about the testing process. For now, all intake sessions are done via Zoom.

Before your intake session please review the checklist below to make sure you have everything you need.

Testing Session

The testing session is typically 3-4 hours for an adult or 5-6 hours for a child in person in our office in Newton, MA. You can expect to answer questions, play logic games, and play hands-on games. If your testing includes academic testing, you can also expect to complete short tests involving reading, writing, and math. If developmentally appropriate, children will earn prizes throughout the day. The examinee is encouraged to take as many breaks as needed and appropriate throughout the day. Children are given a long lunch break, and can go out to lunch with their parents at a nearby restaurant or bring a lunch to eat in the waiting room. Parents should plan to stay in the private waiting room (WIFI provided) or nearby.

Feedback Session

This is the final step of the testing process. After the testing session, your clinician will score and interpret all administered measures, reach out to all collaterals, and write a comprehensive report. This process typically takes about 4 weeks. Once the report is complete, your clinician will reach out to schedule a feedback session. In this session, the results of the evaluation will be discussed, including diagnosis and recommendations. These sessions are conducted virtually via Zoom for the time being.


What We Do


Intake session


Testing session


Feedback session

Checklist for the things you need

Please make sure that you have:

  1. Created your client portal login using the link emailed to you from Therapy Appointment.

  2. Electronically completed and signed all forms assigned to you on the client portal. Please make sure to check the messages tab for an additional form. 

  3. Inputted all of your personal information into your portal, including your insurance information (if you are using insurance for the evaluation), your address, your phone number, and checked to ensure that your birthday is correct.

  4. If applicable, you can securely email any past private or school evaluations, IEPs or 504 plans, and other relevant documents through the client portal.

  5. At the session time, you will receive an email prompting you to log in and join the session. Please make sure that Zoom is downloaded on the device you are using. 

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