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Psychometrist Spotlight: Jessica Hack

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

In our ongoing series 'Clinician Spotlight', we learn more about all the amazing clinicians here at Newton Neuropsychology Group. In this installment, we sit with Psychometrist Jessica Hack to learn more about her!

What do you hope clients will gain from working with you?

The biggest thing I hope clients gain is being able to feel comfortable - to feel as though they can come in and perform with no judgment to do the best that they can. The whole point is for them to feel comfortable enough to better understand their brain with the information we provide. I strive to tailor my approach to make clients all feel that all the information they receive is beneficial. It is crucial for me to be compassionate throughout the testing and help clients learn more about themselves.

What drew you to this field?

As a Psychology major, I pursued this career when I was unsure of exactly what I wanted to specialize in. Through my job as a tech, I was introduced to the magical integration of both realms of neuroscience and psychology. I’m fascinated by how we can see the connection of behavior and data and then match those pieces of information to potential disorders or traits. Even after seven years, I still see people complete things in new ways.

What parts of your work do you enjoy the most?

I love working with people, and the pandemic solidified that. Even when it is unpredictable, this career enables me to make a direct influence on people’s lives. This is what keeps me going and what makes me love my job so much.

What are you most proud of about yourself and what you have accomplished?

I am definitely proud of the work I've done training and inspiring other technicians, and my journey from working as a tech to a head tech to a supervisor. It has always been pivotal for me to train others in the ways I found the most interesting, and the most helpful. Being able to share my perspective so other techs can be the best they can be for their clients is so rewarding.

Outside of work, what brings you joy?

I recently adopted my dog, Atlas. He’s a doberman german-shepard lab mix, and a very energetic boy! I also really like reiki, and I often have crystals at home or at my desk at work. I enjoy scientific things and holistic things 🙂

“yeah, I like the rocks!”

And to all of the Boston Sports Fans…

I grew up in New York, but I root for the Boston Sports Teams after living here for seven years (unless they’re playing each other, shhh)


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